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Here at Batch, we provide professional websites and custom software services for you and your customers. We pride ourselves in great customer service and expert solutions.



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Websites and Web Apps

Website Design

We have a wide range of pre-build WordPress themes which allow us to deploy a professional website at a fraction of the cost. We can also provide custom built websites using the WordPress engine for content management.

custom web applications

We have the in-house skills to develop custom web based applications for your business. We use state of the art web application languages to ensure the best performance and maintanability. 

Shared hosting

Cost effective, your site is secure and has gaurnteed uptime – you share resource to ensure costs are kept to a minimum.

Dedicated app services

Your app is stored in state of the art datacenters at the location of your choice. You have full control of the month on month costs with the ability to scale up and out if you need.

inteligent Content delivery

All of our solutions use CloudFlare CDN which ensures speed and uptime. A cached version of your content is stored all over the world and delivered from the nearest datacenter to ensure speed. 

Site & App hosting

We have hosting solutions to meet all needs. We can provide the choice of cost effective shared hosting to dedicated state of the art, app hosting in dedicated datacenters in the location of your choice.

Website Redesign

Website Redesign

We can take your current site and give it a new lease of life. We can transfer your current hosting to ours, saving you time and money, then apply a new style and a modern, mobile friendly look and feel. 


Professional. Affordable. Transparent.

We will always give you all the information you need to make an informed decision before we go ahead with any work. You will always have the upfront cost and work required to compete your project. Launching a new website or service can be complex, you need to know whats involved before you commit, that’s what we do. 

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